Drum, The
Alexander Korda Films (1938)
Adventure, War
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IMDB   6.6
1 hr 44 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1   NR
Raymond Massey Prince Ghul
Roger Livesey Capt. Carruthers
Valerie Hobson Mrs. Carruthers
David Tree Lieut. Escott
Desmond Tester Bill Holder
Francis L. Sullivan Governor
Archibald Batty Major Bond
Frederick Culley Dr. Murphy
Amid Taftazani Mohammed Khan
Laurence Baskcomb Zarullah
Roy Emerton Wafadar
Sabu Prince Azim
Michael Martin Harvey Mullah
Martin Walker Herrick
Ronald Adam Major Gregoff
Zoltan Korda
Producer Alexander Korda
Writer A.E.W. Mason
Arthur Wimperis
Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth
Christopher Challis
Musician Miklós Rózsa
John Greenwood

Set in the India of the British Raj. All the Indians are portrayed as untrustworthy, plotting to overthrow their British masters. The only 'loyal' Indian is Prince Azim who tries to warn the British of the impending revolt by tapping out messages on the Drum of the title.
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