Monique, My Love
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IMDB   5.6
1 hr 5 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   R
Linda Boyce
Jo Sweet
Sue Akers
Uta Erickson
Peter Woodcock

One of the lesser Something Weird offerings, issued in support of its companion film "Babette", MONIQUE, MY LOVE is a tiresome exercise in romantic softcore porn.

It seems doomed to be confused with the work of Roberta Findlay, though actually watching the film establishes none of her style or interests. Endless narration is boring.

Format, including some brief NYC location photography, is more in the vein of Nick Millard, with the "trying to be sexy" femme voice married to silent footage. In a companion film titled BABETTE (or RETURN OF THE SECRET SOCIETY), which uses the same music, narrator and structure, Nick's favorite fetish -patent leather boots - is included. Another non-candidate for authorship would be C. Davis Smith, who also preferred this MOS shooting, but the credited director "Peter Woodcock" was mostly likely just a nameless hack who never made it in movies, other than cranking out 3 forgettable sapphic programmers.

Footage is strictly filler, as the narrator lady's roommate goes for auditions held by a sleazy movie producer, or poses for still photos. A clapper board for a film-within-a-film titled "Wild Woman" displays Peter Woodcock's name on it. Though full-frontal-nudity is included, film's most risqué elements are timid indeed, as a guy chloroforms one of our heroines for some light bondage action, a bit of foot fetishism and a brief rubdown with a coke bottle.

Score alternates between folk-rock and acid-rock with numbing, repetitive results.
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