Back On Track 2013
Comedy, Drama
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IMDB   7.4
1 hr 54 mins Germany / German
DVD  Region 1   NR
Dieter Hallervorden Paul Averhoff
Tatja Seibt Margot Averhoff
Heike Makatsch Birgit Averhoff
Heinz W. Krückeberg Fritzchen
Frederick Lau Tobias
Otto Mellies Rudolf
Mehdi Nebbou Gerome
Katrin Saß Rita
Alexander Yassin Business Class Passagier
Jörg Hartmann Dr. Groenwoldt
Annekathrin Bürger Frau Mordhorst
Katharina Lorenz Frau Müller
Tilla Kratochwil Dame am Tresen
Maria Mägdefrau Frau Labinski
Reinhold Beckmann
Kilian Riedhof

I like feel-good comedies and I'm a distance-runner myself, so when I heard about this film I was already sold: Ageing ex-marathon star Paule Averhoff goes for one last race, and no less than the Berlin marathon too (ok, the story plays in Berlin, so that's the most obvious goal).

Knowing Hallervorden as a comedian with the not-so-subtle approach, I thought this would turn out more on the comedy side, but I was completely wrong: This is a thoughtful, very quiet and touching story, with intense emotions and not that many laughs (but those well-earned). The scenes in the geriatric ward - complete with a musical protestant nazi nurse a bit prettier than Ratched - are claustrophobic and intense; every scene out of it felt like a relief. Dieter Hallervorden and Tatja Seibt as his wife show captivating performances; the only weaker parts of the film are those where we cut away to their daughter, played by Heike Makatsch - it's not her fault, it's just that it's not really her story and we would rather stay with Paule.

The final race scenes (the story itself goes on a wee bit longer) left me a bit nonplussed; I didn't get why he entered the stadium all alone

hardly fitting for the event and I don't think it would have taken

away from the impact if there were some other runners by his side as during the previous kilometers. But overall, one of the best 2013 films! Highly recommended!
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Original Title Sein Letztes Rennen
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